Nano Hydromx  Energy Saving

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What is Nano Hydromx?

Here at Smart Performance we produce the most efficient home heating systems. Nano Hydromx has been recognised by coming first at the 2016/17 European Business Awards for the Environment.

Nano Hydromx is a revolutionary heat transfer fluid, that utilizes Nano-Thermo technology. Nano Hydromx uses nano-particles that are suspended in a stable state to increase the speed of heat transfer, by heating up the fluid and transferring energy in a shorter amount of time, thereby requiring significantly less energy.

Nano Hydromx diminishes run-times of heating equipment. Hence, the life of the equipment is extended together with lower maintenance costs.

The NanoThermo technology of Nano Hydromx increases the heat transfer rate. No matter what the energy source, or how efficient the boiler is, Nano Hydromx improves the efficiency of the whole system by transferring energy more effectively.

Furthermore, Nano Hydromx is specifically formulated to prevent corrosion, calcification and algae in the systems. It is certified under the BuildCert Chemical Inhibitor Approval Scheme to inhibit corrosion of metallic and plastic parts, and prevent scaling up of the system, particularly the boiler, radiators and pipework.

How does Nano Hydromx Work?

Nano Hydromx uses leading-edge Nano-Thermo Technology and a protected formulation to improve heat transfer.

It rearranges the molecular structure of the fluid improving the heat transfer rate and works in concert with the room/radiator thermostats and the boiler controls to reduce energy consumption.

Nano Hydromx with its Nano-Thermo Technology fills the void between the molecules of the base fluid at nano scale. Thus enhances the heat transfer capability of the fluid.

The NanoThermo technology of Nano Hydromx creates a faster and more homogenous temperature distribution compared to water alone

Additional Benefits of Nano Hydromx

Corrosion is one of the most common problems that traditional heating systems encounter. This specific problem may cause your system to destroy boilers, radiators, pipework, zone valves, tanks, ball & check valves etc.

In order to prevent this issue, corrosion prevention agents are added into the mixture, which in turn decrease the thermal conductivity of your system. Nano Hydromx overcomes this issue, in addition to the savings you get, your system will be protected against corrosion and protect all these items. Nano Hydromx efficiency in the field of Corrosion protection is verified by BuildCert certification and is approved by the energy saving trust.

Domestic water that is high in mineral content (or “hard water”) will cause the buildup or scaling of mineral (calcium) deposits in heating systems. Scale buildup reduces system performance in a number of ways. If your system uses water as the heat transfer fluid, scaling can occur in the collector, distribution piping, and heat exchanger. Scaling may also cause valve and pump failures.

 The most common anti-freezing agent that is widely used throughout the industry is glycol. While this agent protects the system against most freezing temperatures, it also seriously damages the thermal conductivity of the fluid within the system. Nano Hydromx achieves very safe freezing temperatures (-61°C) that protect the system against freezing while providing energy savings. We protect your system against freezing while making your system energy efficient and saving you money.

Another problem that Nano  Hydromx protects your system against is the occurrence of pseudomonas and legionella bacteria. Thanks to its formula, Nano Hydromx also protects your system against this problem. Our bacterial protection is verified by medical reports.

Brilliant service with great communication. I will be recommending Smart Performance to my friends.

Everyone we met did an excellent job. All where pleasant and knowledgeable. This was a big investment for us and we had to make sure this was the right decision for us.

We took the option of upgrading our solar system and at the same time we installed an air source heating system with the nano. The installation team spent an extra day at our house as we had an old heating system (20 years) which takes a bit more time I am told.

Thankfully everything went exceedingly smoothly and we are being well looked after..

Liz Foster

Smart Performance understood my …

Smart Performance understood my requirements perfectly and provided me with much advice based on undoubted industry experience and expertise.

A professional approach from initial inquiry to the installation of the Air Source Nano system. I look forward to many years of benefits.

Philip Kensley

We originally had solar panels and upgraded with an air source heat pump

We originally had solar panels and decided to also go with an air source heat pump after gov support. After looking at a number of different companies we decided to go with smart performance. This was in June 2016. It took two days to install, I can't rember the names of the installers but they were good. We are getting excellent heat throughout and I remember they also sorted my radiator in the back bedroom. We have since upgraded to Nano in our system and that is working extremely well.
Shaun Roberts

We have been using Smart Performance …

We have been using Smart Performance for over two years. We had Solar Panels first which is
working really well, then we had a battery and Smart PV and now we have had the Nano
Heating System. As always great job. Thank you.

Great service and products

Great service, great product. Helped me with my solar panels. Honest advice and stand up company.
Brenda Brookes

The best price

I am a very picky customer and searched various solar panel suppliers. Smart Performance was the best price, but more than that, they were the most informative with excellent customer service. They installed panels with free monitoring. They took care of all the forms and submitted them for me. I worked closely with John and he was very prompt, courteous, and
informative. Everything went smoothly from end to end. After signing the contract, the solar panels were installed and completed in about 4 weeks.
Kalina Stoycheva

Thank you So much John and the boys

Thank you So much John and the boys,

I have been worried for my mother's system and your package has given me real piece of mind.



Jason Steele