Fancy generating your own Hot Water and Central Heating?  Fancy doing this whilst saving money on your bills and earning an income from Government Incentive, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?

GreenProperty(1)Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it.

Well this is the Dual 247 system from Smart Performance – A combined hot water and heating system that saves money & energy and also earns you an income from the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Smart Performance have created this unique product and are currently the only company in the UK to sell the Dual 247. Launched earlier this year, The Dual 247 is proving to be a clear favourite with Smart Performance  customers

The benefits of the Dual 247

  • Save up to 64% on your Gas/Oil bills
  • Receive guaranteed Government paid incentive tariff on your Dual 247 system (RHI)
  • Recieve tax-free index linked payments for 7 years
  • New high efficiency Hot water cylinder fitted with 25 year warranty
  • New high efficiency Thermostatic radiator valves fitted on all existing radiators
  • Stop your heating systems corrosion in its tracks by the removal of all the intrinsic Oxygen (O2)
  • Increase the life span of your gas/oil boiler
  • Become your own energy provider
  • Increase your properties EPC which in turn can significantly increase the valve of your home

How does the system work?

  • First of all we run a chemical flush of your heating system, which cleans the pipes and removes any rust and debris.
  • Then we replace your hot water cylinder with a new cylinder which is sized to your property and we fit an energy saver to this which takes the oxygen out of the water – this stops any further corrosion in your pipes.
  • Solar Thermal panels are fitted to your roof to heat the water.
  • You save on your energy bills and you earn from the Renewable Heat Incentive.


Smart Performance is an established  solar energy company providing energy saving solutions with over 10 years experience..

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