Air Source Heat Pumps

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Most Efficient Heat Pumps

Here at Smart Performance we produce the UK’s most efficient heat pump systems.

Our superior Heat Pumps mean that you get the best performance at the best running costs in the UK. Our highly efficient heat pumps will qualify you for the RHI payments to you over a 7 year period.

How Air Source Heat Works

With a Smart Performance Award Winning air source heat pump, you can reduce heating costs. You can also enjoy an environmentally friendly, renewable and free energy source that minimises your CO2 emissions.

Air source heat uses outdoor air, one of nature’s free and renewable energy sources and can operate at external temperatures as low as minus 20°C

Air source heat pumps are eligible for the Government Renewable Heat Incentive

Air Source Heat Pump Benefits

-Save upto 75% on heating your home by extracting upto 80% of your energy from the air.

-Replace your old boiler with a new heat pump and reduce by 50% your carbon dioxide emissions.

– Compared to a standard heating system , air source heat pumps are more reliable and have a far longer lifespan.

-The Government has just raised to its maximum level the monies you can qualify for to assist with this heating upgrade.

Brilliant service with great communication. I will be recommending Smart Performance to my friends.

Everyone we met did an excellent job. All where pleasant and knowledgeable. This was a big investment for us and we had to make sure this was the right decision for us.

We took the option of upgrading our solar system and at the same time we installed an air source heating system with the nano. The installation team spent an extra day at our house as we had an old heating system (20 years) which takes a bit more time I am told.

Thankfully everything went exceedingly smoothly and we are being well looked after..

Liz Foster

Smart Performance understood my …

Smart Performance understood my requirements perfectly and provided me with much advice based on undoubted industry experience and expertise.

A professional approach from initial inquiry to the installation of the Air Source Nano system. I look forward to many years of benefits.

Philip Kensley

We originally had solar panels and upgraded with an air source heat pump

We originally had solar panels and decided to also go with an air source heat pump after gov support. After looking at a number of different companies we decided to go with smart performance. This was in June 2016. It took two days to install, I can't rember the names of the installers but they were good. We are getting excellent heat throughout and I remember they also sorted my radiator in the back bedroom. We have since upgraded to Nano in our system and that is working extremely well.
Shaun Roberts

We have been using Smart Performance …

We have been using Smart Performance for over two years. We had Solar Panels first which is
working really well, then we had a battery and Smart PV and now we have had the Nano
Heating System. As always great job. Thank you.

Great service and products

Great service, great product. Helped me with my solar panels. Honest advice and stand up company.
Brenda Brookes

The best price

I am a very picky customer and searched various solar panel suppliers. Smart Performance was the best price, but more than that, they were the most informative with excellent customer service. They installed panels with free monitoring. They took care of all the forms and submitted them for me. I worked closely with John and he was very prompt, courteous, and
informative. Everything went smoothly from end to end. After signing the contract, the solar panels were installed and completed in about 4 weeks.
Kalina Stoycheva

Thank you So much John and the boys

Thank you So much John and the boys,

I have been worried for my mother's system and your package has given me real piece of mind.



Jason Steele